Foundation for Early Childhood Education, Inc.

Foundation for Early Childhood Education, Inc.

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We believe an education program that promotes optimum learning is one in which the individual is regarded as worthwhile and is deeply respected. The program is planned to provide varied opportunities for exploration all materials and resources in the environment in light of individual interests. We are concerned with the functioning of the child and feel physical, social, emotional, and cognitive areas, but is an interrelated and interdependent process.

The quality of any learning experience depends on the relationships among children, parents, and teachers. Human values, the will to overcome obstacles, a sense of personal worth and ethnic pride are all teamed through example in a climate of acceptance.

Our program is a non-sexist program so that our children can have a variety of activities which do not limit their interests and competencies on the basis of their sex.

An atmosphere of cheerful encouragement and timely constructive direction, allows for a wide range of experiences which encourages children’s exploration of their environment, while meeting inner needs for security and assurance.

In a multi-cultural environment the teacher plans a variety of learning experiences in which children are provided with multiple opportunities for success and mastery which build feelings of self-worth and confidence.

Language development is a major focus. A bilingual language program provides non-English speaking children with the opportunity to hear and learn English at the same time hearing and valuing their own language. We encourage the children’s interest in verbal expression to reinforce a sense of mutual respect and competence.

As an agency, we make a serious effort to function as a community of responsible adults, working together to improve the quality of life for the children and families who we serve.